All about the Extraordinary Interior Design Service in Dubai

29 Oct

In the contemporary world, Interior Design plays an important role and turn out to be a household affair in almost everywhere. Although this is very much a modern day’s concept and issue that gradually developed from the early 17th century to present ear, but the reminiscence of earlier historical periods suggests that people were conscious about this kind of designing at that time. The changed economy, political environment, culture, social upheavals etc. make an impression in our daily life, as well as, on other areas and Interior Design is one such area, where lots of remarkable developments have occurred. This particular design concept was initially bloomed in the Asian region, which was expanded thereafter to Europe and other parts of the globe. Dubai is considered as the principal business hub and destination in Asia and to facilitate this stature, an enormous amount of development work is going on there and Interior Design Dubai plays a pivotal role in getting these jobs to be done with finer details.

Interior Design

Factors and Issues in Design Solution

There are lots of issues and factors to be considered by a designer to deliver a suitable and may be the best solution of a project, which are consist of color, space, comfort, mood, convenience, style etc. and also some other issues those as follows:

  • The Space: This is the primary issue that has to be considered with special care, with the limitations and positive aspects, because the basis of designing depends on the shape, dimension and construction of the specific space. The use of the space in best possible a way that helps to reach the optimum level of leisure, work, worshiping, entertainment etc.
  • Considerations: Some of the useful and practical considerations have to be there in space management, such as; acoustic, ease of access, light quantity, storing and seating, which are the essential requirements of any design solution.
  • Other Features: Along with aforementioned factors, there are some other issues, which needs to be considered are: Safety, Health, Environment impact, Psychosomatic and Behavior impact, without addressing these issues a designing of interior cannot be completed.

All these above mentioned issues are applicable to both residential and commercial buildings, but there are some unique features for these types of building are there, which need to be considered for getting the best Interior Design solution.

Residential Building

Whenever we think about any room the first image that comes to our mind is a beautifully designed and arranged space that quite attractive, contended and purposeful, which also provides the glimpses of the taste, personality and style of the owner. Some important features of residential buildings, those are being considered by Interior Design Dubai, are as mentioned below:

  • It doesn’t matter most, whether the room is newly built or a remodeled old apartment; the meticulous arrangement and combination of color, texture, furniture, artifacts and special ornamentation are the important elements of the design. It can be noted that all these elements are having the potential to impact the mood, wisdom and well being of the inhabitant to a great extent.
  • The area of designing is not confined to the living room or bedroom, on the contrary, modern designing of interiors are now taking care of the bath, kitchen, fitness area, home theater, health care etc. even to some extent the exterior of the house or building.
  • In addition to actual designing, an interior expert has to address many other practical issues, as well as, provides technical inputs for getting the best solution in comfort, utility and safety by proper arrangements of fire safety, exceptional arrangement of special needs, building code compliance, storage etc.
  • One more and may be the most aspect of any designing part; is the separate space arrangement for children, which has to be quite different from any adult outlook and where the fantasies, hope, dreams can have the maximum possible impetus and the reign of the kid will be safeguarded with extreme importance.

Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai

Commercial Design Concepts

Though there are some similarities in interior designing of residential and commercial building, but both of them have some unique features of their own. The Interior Design companies have potentially addressed the designing of commercial building, which are helpful and appropriate for business, government, semi government and also for institutional purposes. Some of the specialized areas, where the designer used to provide the expertise are:

  • Entertainment: In this segment, the designer used to bring together the sound, light and other technological inputs for television, movies, theater, concerts, club, theme park, and also for industrial assignments.
  • Government and Institutional: The designer specialist has to give special contributions, while working with a government or any institution, because these organizations have their own specialized need and requirements, which are mostly mandatory in nature. Facilities, such as; child care, educational, religious, recreation, correctional etc. are some of the issues, which are to be considered with special care.
  • Retail: The malls and supermarkets are the new age business hub and people are thronged in these kinds of places for their daily needs and also on special occasions. The meticulous design and arrangements of retail shops, boutiques, outlets, showrooms and the food court area are to be planned to accommodate all possible facilities in a single premises. All these facilities are having their individual needs and the interior designing concept has to be developed in such a manner, which is capable to provide customized support and solution for all segments.

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