Interior Designers in Dubai- Excellent Creative Professionals for Interior Design

06 Nov

Interior Designer Dubai

Interior designer is a person who uses the principles and rules of interior designing that should be applied with research and creative solutions for the quality and beauty of the interior environment. An interior designer takes projects to arrange the layouts of space within building and also solves the issues regarding door positioning, lighting and acoustics. Interior Designer Dubai is the designer best known regarding creativity and technical knowledge.

The basic elements of interior designing are tactile (shape, texture), color, lighting and acoustics (echo or noise). An interior designer should possess the qualities to implement these elements into application. The interior designer has the technical, aesthetic and practical knowledge to understand how people would react to these elements, depending on the response of the people he or she should interact with them.

While creating the interiors, the designer must be knowledgeable about the various types of accessories and furnishing needed to design the place. Floor covering, carpeting, lighting, furniture, arts, artifacts are the items that the designers use for decorating the place according to the need of the people. An experienced designer should know very well the art, architecture and history of styles and designs. Dubai is known for its luxurious places both exterior and interior- its exotic resorts, hotels, nightclubs, places of interests are all done by Interior Designer Dubai. Designers in Dubai are well known for their technical skills and the type of creativity they use while making any design. To hire Dubai interior designers is expensive because they are known for their well-decorated fine works in interior space.

 Work of Interior Designers

Interior designers are basically trained professionals who create quality environment based upon the requirements and needs of the situation. They are qualified through education and experience and are able to solve interior creative issues and build a healthy and safe environment and also are meant to raise the standards of living.

Some of the services and objectives of interior designers are:

  • The goals, objectives or requirements of clients are met through thorough research by the interior designers.
  • Material selection, colors, texture to be used all are selected by interior designers.
  • Type of furniture, accessories to be used are also suggested and decided by designers depending on client’s requirements.
  • Interior designer needs to confirm that the space to be designed should meet the safety and health requirements, sustainability and environmental guidelines.
  • Interior designers plan for project details like construction documents, schedules of work, its details.
  • Interior designers are meant to coordinate with various engineers like mechanical, electrical, structural architects to build a specific design.
  • It is the duty of the interior designer to consult with the client about every aspect of the design and serve as a representative.

Interior Design

Interior Design is a type of profession, which includes conceptual planning, creativity and technical skills to design a programmed interior. Interior designing mainly focuses to enhance the beauty of the interior environment through proper planning and technical skills. It improves the lifestyle of people and also raises their standards as well. Practical as well aesthetic conditions of the interior space are looked after by the designers while interior designing.

There are many factors, which come into play while making an interior design. Consider the space of the interior- its construction, dimensions and limitations; all needs to be taken care of with a potential to make the design suitable for the environment. Depending on what purpose the place would be used for interior designing is done according to it- for work, entertainment, leisure, worship, business, education, etc. The space to be designed should portray a meaning or signify something like wisdom, achievement, power, authority, security and joyfulness. Depending on that, the place would be designed accordingly. Besides these, there are many things that need to be taken care of like seating arrangement, music systems, and amount of light in the room. Healthy as well as safety issues are also need to be taken care of while designing the place.

Interior Designers in Dubai

Types of Interior Designs

Personal or Residential Design

Residential design is specifically for individuals as for this type of design the needs and wants of the individual should be given utmost interest. Work of interior designer is assigned accordingly by the individual as the designer can work from the initial stage for the structure or may repair or remodel the existing place.

Commercial Design

Commercial designs are of many specialties:

  • Corporate place- design of  corporate offices or banks keeping the business theme in mind
  • Health care-hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, medical laboratories, etc.
  • Institutional- schools, colleges, universities, government offices.
  • Industrial places- like manufacturing and production areas for export and import of industrial products.
  • Private institutions or teaching classes need interior decoration

All these commercial interior designs are done by professionally, experienced interior designers who apply their technical and creativity skills with the application of basic elements of design.

 Arab Architecture

Interior Design Dubai concentrates specifically on Arab architecture for Arabic homes by doing Majlis paintings on the walls. These types of wall paintings have many bright colors and geometric designs. The wall paintings are called “Nagash” in Arabic.

These paintings are designed in such a way that they are extended from doors, windows, staircases to furniture also. The walls depict a type of religious display for the Arabic. This type of design can only be done by interior designers in Dubai. Only Dubai designers can create such a beautiful artifact in homes of Arabs.


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